What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

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For credit card payments, simply click the  or the  buttons on checkout. You will be given the option to use your credit card directly or log into PayPal.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping for most of our products. However, there are some restrictions for oversized packages due to US postal regulations.


How can I buy an item that has run out of stock?

Simply send an email with the item description, size and color you require to sales@cw-racing.com and we will notify you as soon as it becomes available.

At this time CW Racing is not accepting back orders on any product. Our policy is to only accept orders on products for which we have stock on hand.

What currency are prices quoted in?

USD - United States Dollars

What shipping method does CW Racing use?

For US based customers, we offer USPS Priority and UPS Ground.

For all international customers, we offer USPS International Express and USPS International Priority. For oversized items such as race kits, special arrangements need to be made. Please contact sales@cw-racing.com to request information on how to ship large packages.


Will you be making new school racers with V brake mounts? 

CW Racing has developed a series of limited edition product lines that are initially dedicated to old school BMX collectors.  Some of our models, like the Hollywood Mike Miranda ZX and the ZX Legend Pro have full vintage features, such as 1" threaded forks, American bottom bracket and caliper brakes.  As our product lines evolve, we will include most new school features in each of our models including 1 1/8" headsets, European bottom brackets and V-brake mounts.


What other products are you working on? 

CW Racing has a wide range of products that are available and in stock in our online store.  However, we have a few exciting projects in progress.  Check our blog regularly for updates and new releases.


Can I really jump a CW Racing frame set? 

Yes! Like our old school items, CW Racing frame sets are manufactured by Revcore to exceed current BMX industry standards. They are designed to be used on modern BMX race tracks or on the street and are made to withstand normal use. Normal use excludes vert riding, rail grinding or extreme practices that involve direct impact to parts.


How much does my frame set weigh? 

The Hollywood Mike Miranda ZX frame is only 1/4 lb heavier than an original 1980s ZX model.  This is a great achievement since it uses stronger and thicker tubing and also contains added features such as a machined head tube, machined bottom bracket, double dropouts and a reinforced seat tube joint.


What headset size works with my frame set? 

Any regular 1" threaded headset will work with the Hollywood Mike Miranda ZX and the ZX Legend frame sets.  Most of our upcoming frame sets will require 1 1/8" integrated headsets.


What is the top tube length on my frame? 


Is my race kit covered by a warranty? 

Yes.  Every race kit includes a warranty card which must be returned to our factory in order to register your product.  For some items, the warranty is not transferable and needs to be completed within 30 days of the date of purchase.

To view warranty details, click on the "Warranty" link that can be found at the bottom of every page on this web site.

How can I tell the difference between original CW Racing frame sets, components, pads and decals made in the 1980s and those made today? 

We’re proud of our heritage and respect the ideals behind preserving it. For that reason, all our products have at least one detail that can easily distinguish them from an original piece from the 1980s. This is done without taking away from the overall look and feel for its authenticity. They were made by CW Racing Custom Works then and we are proud to say that our new line of products continue to be made by CW Racing Custom Works today. CW Racing . . . respecting Old School BMX.

Restoration Decals

These are identical in size and color to originals except that they now contain a small registered trademark ® symbol next to the CW logos.

Legend Handle Bars

These have a precision laser etched CW logo on the right hand side bar end where the grip is inserted. They also have more aggressive knurling than is found on original 1980s bars.

Legend Seat Posts

These have more aggressive knurling and are situated higher up than originals. Originally, the square brace seat post was never offered with knurling features.


Race kits include pads in new metallic colors that were not originally offered in the 1980s. These are not available for sale separately other than to original registered race kit owners. 

All our other pads incorporate the same colors and designs as original CW Racing pads made by Flite except that the Flite logo is two-toned. That is, the Flite logo has an extra outline in a different color.

Frame Sets

Current models have modern geometry based on today's standards, a machined head tube and bottom bracket, reinforced seat tube joint, double dropouts, a large laser etched CW logo on the under side of the bottom bracket shell, and serial numbers that are stamped "Hollywood ##" on the Hollywood Mike Miranda ZX. These are all features that weren't available in the 1980s ZX models.

How is Revcore related to CW Racing?

CW Racing and Revcore are registered trademarks of Custom Works BMX LLC.  In the 1980s, Revcore was the sister company of CW Racing.  It had a line of BMX racing frame sets and components that were renowned for the highest quality standards.  That legacy continues today.

What is CosmiChrome and how does it compare to regular chrome?

CosmiChrome is a nine stem catalytic process that allows almost any object that is made from a porous substrate (such as steel, wood, plaster, fiberglass, ceramic, urethane foam, etc) to be finished in a reflective metallic surface. This system produces real metal plating on surfaces that cannot be plated conveniently in any other way with a wide array of colors. The finish process as a whole is safer than plating since does not involve submerging in tanks that would allow other substances to travel inside the tubing.

When compared to regular chrome, CosmiChrome has similar durability, better aging, and is not as susceptible to weather environments as chrome is (ISO 9001-2000 Certified).

As far as resistance goes, regular chrome finish has better impact capabilities but is of a lower grade quality against surface rust, pitting or finish flaking under stress. The effect of nut and washer marks from assembly with CosmiChrome would be similar to powder coat compared to the aggressive peeling of regular chrome.